Learning, Innovation, and Acceleration

We deliver experiential learning programs in innovation that accelerate careers

For Enterprise

"54% of organizations have trouble bridging the gap between innovation and the larger business strategy" (PwC report)

The first step to innovation is building an innovation culture. We provide experiential learning as a structured experience designed around your organization’s innovation objectives to create value and measurable outcomes.

This is a powerful way to energize employees, engage new partners and find new approaches to business problems.

Bring sponsors, partners, employees, ideas, and the broader community together to facilitate creative collisions and launch ideas.

For Higher Ed

"85 Million jobs will be lost" in the coming decade not only in automotive and manufacturing but also in medicine and law. (WEF report)

You cannot predict the jobs of the future but innovation and entrepreneurship will be part of the answer. We provide experiential learning as a structured experience designed to ignite students' curiosity and make innovation accessible regardless of their majors or background.

This is also a powerful way for colleges to monetize intellectual property and accelerate tech transfer.

Bring sponsors, faculty, students, IP, and the broader community to facilitate creative collisions and launch ideas.

About us

The HyperValidation team has delivered training in innovation methodology and tools, customer discovery and validation, as well as specialized mentoring to teams that have won global competitions, been featured on Shark Tank, and raised hundreds of millions in venture capital.

Innovation is made truly accessible through a high energy, collaborative and unforgettable experience that builds relationships, cements learning and accelerates careers. Experience it for yourself!

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